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Taking the church from

the stage to

the table.


All are welcomed and celebrated.
We are a progressive community where all are welcomed and celebrated. Whether you are doubting, discovering, questioning, deconstructing, LGBTQ or just don't feel like you fit the places you've tried before, this is a safe space.

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We believe, without exception, that everything that is visible is an expression of God. The christian life is a journey of becoming who we already are. Everyone is a loved child of God.

To express that we are all part of a shared big story, as individuals and as a congregation we follow a life pattern.

It is this simple:

Up (love God),In (love ourselves),Out (love others).


We are a community that shares an expansive faith.

"Therefore, go to the roads on the edge of town and invite everyone you find to the party." (Matthew 22)

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