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By Rob Bell

What Is the Bible? provides insights and answers that make clear why the Bible is so revered and what makes it truly inspiring and essential to our lives. Rob takes us deep into actual passages to reveal the humanity behind the Scriptures. You cannot get to the holy without going through the human, Rob tells us.

We encourage you to follow along, engage and become transformed in the new year with this 11 week book series!

Book Schedule:

Jan. 19- Chapters 1-4

Jan. 26- Chapters 5-8

Feb. 2 - Chapters 9-11

Feb. 9- Chapters 12-16

Feb. 16- Chapters 17-19

Feb. 23- Chapters 20-24

March 1- Chapters 25-28

March 8- Chapters 29-32

March 15- Chapters 33-36

March 22- Chapters 37-40

March 29- Chapters 41-43

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