The Gathering

We gather to worship to be reminded of God's story of redemption.  This story has shaped human life from the beginning of the creation, through the saving actions of God in the Hebrew scriptures, to the life of Jesus.  In worship we celebrate that our own stories are connected to God's story.  


Our congregation receives communion weekly, because there is no better place that enacts and embodies this good news than at the table.  When we share bread and cup together we extend God's grace and hospitality to all.


The final act each week is sending us all back out into the places we live, work, and go to school, to be the story of God in the world.

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January 17, 2021

(IN focus) at 10:30 "Prayer Gathering For a New Year" led by Rev. Brenda Buckwell of


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January 24, 2021

(OUT focus) - we will be on mission together.  

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January 31, 2021

At 10:30 am we will enjoy connecting with each other while listening to folks share music.  It's a Virtual Grand Ole Opry (music showcase) !


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