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Missional Communities

The Open Table missional communities gather on a regular basis and guide partcipants to:

  • Learn to live our everyday life with intention and awareness.

  • Spend time playing, celebrating and praying together.

  • Share our stories, gifts, resources and burdens.

  • Learn how to use our gifts in order to better serve others and see things in their wholeness.

  • Recognize God's image in everything and everyone.


Missional communities meet the first Sunday of each month at 10:30 am. One group always meets at Leeside Wellness 3615 Socialville-Fosters Rd, Mason if you want to drop in. 


Each community may also meet on their own at other times.  Contact the leader for location and more information.






Dale Lykins: 

meets at Lee Side Wellness 1st Sunday of each month 




Sarah Horton:

Kathy Maehler: 

meets on Zoom

If you are currently in a missional community and are unable to make a specific gathering time, please feel free to pop into another community for that meeting. 

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